Qotient delivers a library of sales conversations including insights, sales questions, and supporting marketing collateral into the hands of the sales team.

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Get all your reps to have the same conversations as your star performers

Write best practice sales conversations into Qotient and distribute them to your team for use in live sales meetings. Conversations can be accessed on a phone, tablet or computer and help sales reps represent your products in the most compelling way.


Get real-time sales conversation feedback

Qotient provides leaders with real-time information on how many conversations your reps are having, on what subject and how successful they're being.  This rich information can be used to more effectively coach reps, create more impactful collateral, test alternate product positioning and so much more.


Finally get your reps to log information into Salesforce in real-time with minimal effort.

Qotient logs a reps conversation, meeting notes and other data points straight back to Salesforce seamlessly, without a rep having to do a single thing. 


Only 20% of sales collateral is ever used. Turn the tide on the 80% of your idle content.

Qotient allows marketing content to be linked directly into relevant sales conversations where it will be accessed by sales reps. Leadership can measure how often the content gets used, and how successful it is in progressing the sale.


Get new hires up to speed quicker

How long does it take to get a brand new hire closing business? Qotient gives new hires access to best practice conversations and tailored marketing collateral that allows them to start contributing straight away.


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