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Collect Sales and Marketing Content 

Collect all sales and marketing content that the team uses daily and upload to Qotient.

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Standardise content using Qotient’s Formula

Qotient enables sales and marketing managers to dynamically control the messaging to the market. Qotient's content formula is applied to create clear, consistent, usable sales propositions and conversations from marketing content. 

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Enable Your Sales Team

Sales teams access the library of sales conversations in Qotient including insights, sales questions and supporting sales collateral to help them convert sales calls into opportunities. The platform delivers consistent messaging into the hands of salespeople anytime, anywhere.  

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Measure Behaviours and Performance  

Qotient enables the sales person to capture the next steps and outcomes of a meeting in real time. This gives management insight into the team’s sales activities, conversation effectiveness and meeting outcomes. Sales managers use the real time data to dynamically evolve and improve the sales process.

Qotient creates a culture of learning and continual sales effectiveness.

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Grow the sales pipeline based on real-time conversation intelligence 

Qotient reports on the effectiveness of company sales propositions in relation to pipeline growth. 

Utilising the valuable insights of the sales teams’ behaviours and performance, sales managers can quickly adjust propositions based on this data to improve the effectiveness of conversations.

This is called Qotient Conversation Intelligence.

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