Sales crm acceleration platform

Qotient delivers a library of sales conversations including insights, sales questions, and supporting marketing collateral into the hands of the sales team.

Sales teams then use these conversations to assist them in converting sales calls into opportunities.

 cloud based crm sales



Qotient enables the salesperson to capture the next steps and outcomes in real-time, and share real-time results with management and team. 

Sales people can log outcomes in CRM instantly, saving valuable time usually spent in the office. 

 crm sales coaching


Sales Managers are able to dynamically control the messaging to the market as sales teams use conversations in the field. 

Qotient helps enterprises understand the effectiveness of propositions through dashboards and insights. Qotient provides real time access to market trends, as seen by the sales team.

 crm sales solution


Use real time data to dynamically evolve and improve the sales process, easily accelerate conversations through adjustment and testing.

Qotient creates a culture of learning and continual sales improvement through outcome clarity and communication.