Qotient benefits stakeholders across Channel, Sales and Marketing. 

channel enablement



Digitize customer management processes and focus on what drives revenue

See in real-time where partners are building your pipeline

Be connected virtually into every customer conversation

Capture mindshare and loyalty even when you are not around

sales management 



Measure and track customer engagements and conversations.

Dynamically control the messaging to the market.

Deliver consistent and scalable messaging to the sales team.

Scale the sales knowledge across multiple geographies. 



marketing performance



Real time delivery of marketing messages and initiatives to customers. 

Real time access to market trends.

Track and measure the impact of conversations the sales team has been armed with. 

sales people performance 


Sales Reps and Account Managers

Close deals faster by following the Qotient process. 

Speak more confidently about product and service propositions. 

Have more engaging conversations by utilizing shared insights. 

Continually improve your sales effectiveness.