Channel Enablement Resources 

Read our latest resources on Channel Enablement. We look into the challenges Channel Managers face when enabling large channels, and what can be done to increase effectiveness, productivity and return on investment. 


Qotients Five Step Channel Enablement Guide

Channel Enablement is a way for vendors with large, dispersed seller and distribution networks to grow the performance and profitability of an important revenue earner for many organisations.  Download our Channel Enablement Quick-Start guide for more on how you can start implementing the C.E fundamentals of

  • Organising Stakeholder buy-in 
  • Developing Strategy 
  • Measuring Data, and more

Four ways to get channel sales people talking about your products

On average channel sales make up approximately 60% of your total revenue, so how do you get channel salespeople talking about your products or services? Especially when channel partners often sell for multiple vendors. 

Check out our four recommendations to get channel sales people talking about your products.



When sales channels become large, distributed and/or ineffective, the sales enablement investment made by large tech vendors in their partners & channels is significant but ROI is often elusive. Read our Technology Sector Channel Enablement report where we discuss the challenges and pitfalls many tech vendors experience.



Digitizing the Channel Enablement process is crucial in developing the methods to accurately and effectively measure ROI on channel enablement efforts. Download Qotient's latest report to learn more about-

  • The inherent problems with an analogue channel enablement strategy
  • How digitizing the channel enablement can assist in measuring ROI
  • How Qotient digitizes the channel enablement process