The Channel Sales Game Changers

At Qotient, we are passionate about developing next-level technology that specifically addresses the challenges of selling through the channel.

We know Channel Sales Engagement

We leverage our deep expertise in Channel Sales Engagement to develop solutions that empower your Partners to have more impactful sales conversations. We provide you with next-level analytics and better visibility into the outcomes that are driving pipeline and revenue.

We are Driven to Solve a Big Problem

Qotient is the brainchild of founder Justin Wright. Having spent years working in enterprise channel sales, Justin understands the challenges of selling through a partner network very well. Driven by a desire to solve a problem he was experiencing himself every day, Justin founded Qotient in 2013. From day one, he and the team were focused on addressing one challenge: How to make channel sales more efficient, easier to manage and more profitable.

The company has since expanded from a small New Zealand based team to a global operation with headquarters in San Jose and a client list including household names such as Toshiba and Sharp. However, the mission is still the same: Empowering Channel Sales Champions.

For A-Players. By A-Players.

At Qotient, we know it’s all about the people. That is why we have assembled a team of A-players who have the deep expertise and knowledge needed to bring our vision to life.

Justin Wright

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

With over 15 years of experience in Product Development, Sales and Product Marketing for large enterprises, Justin has significant first-hand experience with channel sales. Before founding Qotient, Justin worked for several leading brands in the IT Sector. Originally from New Zealand, Justin is now based in San Jose, California.


Reade Triolo

Chief Operating Officer

A Presales and Customer Success executive who is passionate about creating the best possible customer journey. Reade brings over 20 years of sales and success experience to the Qotient team and a strong background in business-to-business software and software-as-a-service solutions.


Richard Biffin

Chief Technology Officer

Richard leads the product development team at Qotient. He has extensive experience as a developer and tech lead in fast-growing technology companies, including being Head of Tech at New Zealand startup success story 90 Seconds.

The tool is amazing. A beginner to the world of sales could use this tool with little to no talent and be successful. Everything needed to pitch the product is right there in the talk track, so the tool literally does everything!
Kevin Rosado, Howard Telecom
It’s an easy transition to get our new hires more comfortable on the phones as they have that visual to actually work with. The team loved that there were so many script options for them and the fact that they could compete for prizes.
Michelle Pryzbek, Carousel
Fantastic tool. It allows you to stay on track with your thoughts as the conversation develops. I would say it has allowed for a better first call - no doubt.
Craig Forrester, Step CG
Having the talk tracks to qualify potential customers really does help in so many aspects. It helps identify those opportunities and identify what the customer actually wants to achieve.
Adam Meadows, Sharp


Level-up Channel Sales Engagement

We unleash your Channel potential and promise with the framework, intelligence and recognition necessary to develop contenders into champions.