Distributing Leads to Channel Partners

As marketing automation has taken hold, you are generating more and more leads than ever before. These leads need to be effectively followed up on, otherwise all your marketing efforts become a waste of time and money. Following up with leads needs to be a managed process that is monitored effectively. However, the challenge with Channel is that it is difficult to enforce a managed process into your Channel Partners’ sales processes and therefore, it is nearly impossible to monitor the progress they make on the leads you have given them.

QBR 2.0

Is your channel team executing Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) with channel partners? Often times, these QBRs are mostly a session for complaining, addressing pricing issues, late delivery issues, end customer complaints and the usual tap dancing around the allocation of MDF. This is a common problem. QBRs need to deliver more value to you and your Partners.

The Psychology Of The Partner Sales Channel

Technology is one of the fastest growing industries, and the go to market via channel partners including resellers, distributors and the MSP is how Tech Vendors (OEMS’s & Manufacturers) get scale and volume. With all the investment, enablement and support a Channel receives, how is it that the 80/20 rule still exists? Meaning 80% of your channel revenue comes from 20% of your partner base.