Improving CRM Adoption & Accuracy with Qotient

CRM adoption and accuracy can be one of the biggest challenges for sales organisations. On average 74% of sales teams are shown to have low CRM user adoption rates (CSO Insights, as cited by Smart Selling Tools, n.d.). As a result, organisations end up trapped in a ‘garbage in, garbage out’ data situation. Poor CRM user adoption does not only result in short term problems but can also have serious implications in the long run. 

You may be thinking, why is my CRM user adoption so low among my sales team? After all the aim of CRM is to enhance salespeople’s productivity, as well as provide management with accurate data for forecasting and decision-making. Low CRM user adoption can basically be put down to the fact they are a user reliant system, it is up to salespeople to manually enter data. Organisation’s however, will only see the benefits if their staff use the system correctly. Often sales people struggle to understand what is in it for them to use the system diligently.

Training or lack there of, impacts CRM user adoption rates significantly. Training your salespeople on how the system works, its key features and how it can contribute to improved sales outcomes is crucial. Managers who do not train their salespeople on the importance of entering data into the CRM system will either have staff who enter data when and if the please, or will just not use the system period.

Secondly, time is a major factor affecting your CRM user adoption. We all know finding time can be a bit of a struggle, but in the world of a salesperson finding time can be particularly hard. Let’s face it the majority of salespeople spend very little of their day in the office, they are continuously on the road moving from meeting to meeting. 

Salespeople want to spend their days selling, and generally have difficulty sitting in front of a screen completing manual data entry after every sales conversation. Yet, when salespeople eventually get around to entering their data in the system, the data is most likely outdated, and comments are extremely vague as the meeting was probably weeks ago. Salespeople are constantly travelling and thus it is crucial they can enter data from digital devices like their smartphone or tablet.

CRM is meaningless without reliable data formatted in a comprehensible way. Poor quality data impacts your sales organisation immensely, particularly for executives and sales managers. Low CRM user adoption significantly impacts two core aspects of management; forecasting & measuring ROI, and Management & Sales Visibility.


Inaccurate Forecasting & ROI Measurement

Sales forecasting is an extremely important preparation tool, enabling executives and managers to coordinate marketing efforts and plan for future expenses and estimated revenues. In order for an organisation to plan and forecast for the future, accurate data is crucial. Forecasting based off inaccurate data leads to poor decision-making, budgets may be spent on the wrong marketing efforts resulting in decreased productivity and revenue. 


Management & Sales Visibility Gap

Data is the key to gaining visibility, enabling managers keep their eyes on the wider environment. However, a significant visibility gap occurs when managers receive inaccurate data. Managers effectively have no way of determining how each channel is performing against their set targets, or if investment efforts are in the right place. As a result poor visibility, performance and revenue continues.


CRM Activation with Qotient 

Our focus at Qotient is to improve the activation of the CRM system. By this we mean we ensure Qotient provides a workspace for salespeople that makes it easy for them to keep CRM up to date with the latest information whilst they are still in the meeting with the customer.

Qotient analytics are fed right back to CRM, providing managers with useful metrics on every sales conversation, easily accessible from any digital device.  Salespeople no longer need to sit and manually enter data into the system after every conversation. According to Jordan (2016) paring back the amount of reporting information in your CRM system by 90% can cause your usage rates to skyrocket, as well as improve forecasting and decision making.

Clear, concise, accurate data provides managers with a realistic view of what is going on in the sales channel. Thus the significant visibility gap between management and sales teams’ starts to diminish, resulting in accurate forecasting and ROI measurement.

So if you want your CRM user adoption to improve and you want to gain a realistic view of what is going on in your sales channel at the cold face, implement a CRM activation platform like Qotient today.

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