Integrate CRM & Qotient - Increase Your Channel Productivity & Revenue

One of the biggest challenges for sales organisations is low CRM user adoption, on average 74% of sales teams are shown to have low adoption rates. Low adoption rates can significantly impact channel sales productivity, effectiveness and ultimately revenue growth. But this can be turned around by implementing a CRM activation platform like Qotient.

But first, why is your CRM user adoption so low? How will this impact your channels?

Low adoption rates can be put down to the fact CRM systems are user reliant, it is up to channel salespeople to enter sales data into the system. However, channel salespeople want to spend their day selling and generally struggle to find time to sit down in front of a screen and manually input sales data after each sales conversation. As a result when sales data is eventually entered into the system it’s usually outdated and comments regarding meetings are extremely vague. Manual sales data entry is extremely time consuming, the reality is channel salespeople do not have the time to sit there and enter sales data after every sales conversation.

But, CRM is meaningless without reliable data formatted in a comprehensible way. Inaccurate sales data impacts channel productivity and revenue significantly. Channel managers rely on accurate channel sales data in order to make informed investment decisions. Basing decisions off of inaccurate data means budgets may be spent on efforts which do not deliver a high return. As a result channel sales productivity slows, impacting overall sales revenue growth.

Sales data gives managers the ability to keep their eyes on the wider channel environment. Channel managers can effectively gain visibility to determine channel sales performance and pinpoint investment efforts that deliver a high return. However, when presented with inaccurate data, channel managers have no way to measure channel performance against set targets, or if efforts are invested in the right place.


Integrating CRM and Qotient 

Our digitally growing world is so fast paced with more and more agile products being brought to market. Thus it is essential organisations implement sales tools which have been evolved to suit the digital world. Basically channel salespeople want a CRM system which is simple to navigate. Implementing a CRM activation platform like Qotient in conjunction with CRM systems, cutting back the amount of reporting data by 90%, has shown to significantly increase usage rates.  

To ensure early effectiveness it is essential for new channel partners and their salespeople to adopt CRM and Qotient during the onboarding process. In order for new channels to adopt CRM and Qotient from day one, key WIFM (what’s in it for me) messages need to be conveyed. Channel managers need to ensure new channels understand how these tools provide value to their role. If channel partners and their sales team don’t see any personal value in the proposition it is unlikely they will embrace this new technology and maximise its full potential.

Qotient enables channel salespeople to drive sales conversations with the Qotient story catalogue, delivering standardized key messages which are connected to the relevant stage in the buyer’s journey. Ensuring every sales conversation is the right fit for prospects. Qotient sales analytics are fed right back to the CRM system, providing outcomes from every sales conversation. Channel managers can monitor which sales content, insights and channel partners are delivering the highest return, ensuring investment efforts are always at an optimal balance driving sales revenue growth forward.



Overall, channel managers are provided with clear, concise and accurate sales data, gaining a realistic view of the wider channel environment. As a result the significant visibility gap starts to close, enabling managers to accurately measure ROI.

So there you have it, if your channel CRM user adoption rates are low, you have no sales visibility of channel productivity, or are in the process of onboarding new channel partners implement a CRM activation platform like Qotient today. You will see your usage rates increase in no time, enhancing channel sales productivity and effectiveness ultimately driving channel revenue growth forward.

For more on implementing Qotient in your organisation, download Qotients Onboarding Process to Ensure Success eBook today.