Crafting your New Starters into Storytellers

Induction processes lack mentorship, so new starters take seven months to get up to speed and deliver successful results.  Due to this lack of mentorship new starters will take a trial and error approach to selling as they have little idea on how to deliver a successful selling approach. Trial and error approaches typically leads to new starters playing a game of 20 questions with their prospects, in the hope their problem is recognised.

New starters will jump the gun and deliver a ‘sales pitch’, detailing the specifics of their product/service and how this will solve the prospect's problem. Prospects no longer respond to pitches, they desire to be educated and advised on a solution that provides value to their organisation. Salespeople need to deliver a sales conversation, sharing insights and teaching the prospect something new about their organisation (Carpe Diem Consulting, 2016).  

Crafting your new starters into storytellers is the first solution to delivering a quality induction process. Storytelling is crucial in order to deliver successful sales conversations, in which one message is shared by many voices. To become successful storytellers, the induction process needs to train new starters on three key principles.


Focus on the Prospect.

New starters need focus on the prospect, using diagnostic insights and discovery questions in order to determine the full extent of a prospect’s situation. It is important storytellers ensure the sales conversation focuses on the situation, prospects will then trust your solution is going to contribute to increasing the efficiency of their organisation.


Shatter the status quo.

Storytellers are the top sellers, who regularly use disruptive insights; one-liners derived from facts, statistics and hard evidence. These one-liners can shatter the status quo, causing concern and making prospect realise that they do have a problem. Once you have shattered the status quo the next principle becomes essential; put their problem into perspective (or context) with their organisation (Carpe Diem Consulting, 2016). 


Put their problem into perspective (or context).

Storytellers need to be able to show prospects the consequences they will face if they do not do anything about their current situation, comparing this to the benefits of the solution. Storytellers need to provide prospects with wisdom insights in order for a purchase decision to be based on the value a product/service can provide, rather than judging by cost alone.


It is important your new starters understand the company mission, value propositions, beliefs and products/services in order to deliver a successful sales conversation. Qotient provides standardized content and insights in a conversational format, stored in a story catalogue. Qotient’s story catalogue is designed in a way that new starters can get to grips with quickly, where they can tailor the content to each prospect. With Qotient new starters will be able to establish how to tailor their storytelling to each prospect’s situation.

For more on delivering an effective induction process and crafting your new starters into storytellers, download the tips and advice provided in our full New Sales Starter Induction Guide


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