Help New Starters Excel with Digital Sales Enablement Technology

The first few days of employment for new starters are vital, effectively establishing their future in the organisation. Ensuring new starters understand the core mission, value propositions and beliefs of the organisation during induction is the key to gaining employee engagement. New starters who engage believe strongly an organisation’s purpose are the ones who will communicate the value prospects desire.

However, during the induction process new starters are given a significant amount of information to absorb, and often feel overwhelmed. Therefore it can take while for new starters to get their heads around the specifics of the products and services, and how they can deliver valuable conversations.

Digitizing Sales Enablement

A fast growing solution is digital sales enablement technology, allowing new starters to absorb this significant amount of content and effortlessly deliver valuable sales conversations.

Qotient allows salespeople to access content just-in-time from digital devices, in a clearly comprehensible format. New starters’ time management improves, no time is wasted researching, locating and adapting content for their sales conversations. Sales content and marketing materials are stored in one place, available at the click of a button, increasing productivity with better content delivery.

Qotient’s digital story catalogue enables new starters to deliver customised sales conversations with ease, presenting prospects with relevant content and insights specifically related to their stage in the buying process. 

Digital sales enablement helps improve the induction process for new starters increasing their productivity in the long run, but in order to achieve this it is important you undertake the following activities during the induction process:

  • Map sales conversations contained in Qotient to the buying stages of a customer.

  • Role play using these conversations for 2-3 customer meetings.

  • Discuss the most common objections Qotient records and how new starters should deal with them. Also identify where conversations are stored,and how these can help new starters navigate tricky situations.

Ensure your new starters understand how to effectively deliver content during a sales conversation. Teach and guide new starters from the beginning of their employment and watch their sales success increase.

For more on delivering an effective induction process download the tips and solutions provided in our full New Sales Starter Induction Guide.