Invest in your Sales Team - Coach your New Starters to Stardom

Only 9.1% of sales meetings actually result in sales, but why? Results from a recent study show that 63% of all salespeople are considered to be under performers (Harvard Business Review, 2016). So how do ensure your new starters become high performers? Invest in your salespeople from the start; your sales team is the heart of your organisation, they keep the organisation going.  

Research shows you can increase your sales team's productivity by spending 5% of your time each week developing your sales staff (Gothelf, 2016). Investing your time, providing mentoring sessions enables you to help your sales team become critical thinkers, understand prospects better and provide value.

Qotient provides analytics to help you identify which members of your sales team need more training and coaching. Identifying this during the early stages of a new starters employment can make a huge difference to their contribution in the long run.

The top performing salespeople are well rounded in seven effective sales skills, meeting prep, customer interaction, company presentation, presentation and rapport, the sales pitch, storytelling and rising to the challenge. Salespeople who develop these skills provide better insight and content delivery, showing prospects value. In order to ensure your new starters develop these skills, organise a mentoring session with your top two sales stars.

Organising a session with the top two sales stars answering a range of questions allows new starters to gain key insights into the organisation’s sales landscape. New starters will receive valuable advice on meeting their sales targets and the tips and tricks for delivering an effective sales conversation using Qotient. Receiving advice from the experts will engage and motivate new starters to achieve and reach their full potential; they will want to be the next sales star.

Secondly, organise a mentoring session with the Head of Marketing, where they explain and discuss with new starters the following aspects:

  • Key marketing objectives.

  • Content and insight that are intriguing prospects.

  • Digital channels to follow in order to keep up to date.

Discussing these aspects ensures your new starters know which content and insights prospects respond to as well as any new content that has become available.

Invest in your sales team and coach them not only during the induction process but throughout their employment. Implement a ‘coaching culture’ into your organisation and you can reap the rewards.

For more on delivering an effective induction process for new starters and investing in your sales team, check out the tips and solutions in our full New Sales Starter Induction Guide. 


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