The Smartwatch - Is It The Next Big Sales Enablement Device?

Our world has become revolutionized by the power of digital technology, we’ve gone from tablets to smartphones and now the smartwatch. Smartwatches have really only become a hot topic in more recent years, but according to Lamkin (2015) they have actually been around since 1927. Yes, smartwatches have been around for 89 years. By no means could they do what today’s smartwatch can, but these smartwatches are the ones that paved the way for the Apple Watch, Sony SmartWatch, and the most recent release, the Samsung Gear S2.

We all know the B2B sales landscape is evolving, and that analogue sales methodologies are out and organizational digitization is in, but why? Digitization builds on the introduction of  “new software and hardware solutions that integrate the functions previously carried out in silos” (Strategy&, 2013). Organizations can break down cross functional barriers and take a mobile first approach with connected tablets and phones, enabling a connected and proactive workforce.

A big trend in the top B2B sales-led organizations is to invest in digital sales enablement platforms that streamline and accelerate workflows. These platforms enable sales teams with the workspace they require to better handle the increasing complexity of today’s B2B sales landscape, and deliver relevant, context driven information to buyers in an engaging way, whenever and wherever they need. Sales enablement platforms digitize the critical components of sales, enabling maximum performance so salespeople can close more business and achieve shorter sales cycles and higher win rates.

The results of a recent study show that utilizing wearable technology in the workplace has increased productivity by as much as 8.5% (as cited by Leung, 2014). So with an abundance of smartwatches on the market, will this wearable technology be the next big sales enablement device? Here are a few of our predictions on how we think the smartwatch could be the next big sales enablement tool. 

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Effective Customer Interactions

Sales enablement platforms digitize the creation and organization of sales collateral, serving as a salesperson’s personal assistant. With a smartwatch salespeople could be armed with a wealth of knowledge at their wrists, accessing insights, key sales questions and supporting product and service information on the go.


Efficient Work Day Management    

The smartwatch is synced with one's smartphone, there would no longer be the need for a paper diary that never gets written in or left behind at the office. Salespeople could check their calendar for upcoming meetings, deadlines and to do list tasks in just a few swipes. With continuous reminder alerts salespeople can stay on track and prepare for each sales meeting just-in-time.


Increased Communication

Sales enablement platforms improve organizational mindshare to ensure the entire sales team is up to date. With the introduction of the smartwatch, the days of missed calls, unread messages, delayed replies and unseen notifications could be over. Salespeople could receive call notifications in real-time, check emails on the go and keep up to date with product and service updates all while glancing at their watch.



The smartwatch ultimately has the potential to increase sales productivity and effectiveness, and enhance the day to day tasks of salespeople. Essentially salespeople can wear their business on their sleeves and be connected to the digital world 24/7. According to Business Insider (2014) 91.6 million smartwatches are forecasted to be sold by the time we reach 2018. But will the smartwatch really win over smartphones and tablets? Or will they just serve as a natural extension? Only time will tell.

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