What is sales acceleration & how does it capitalise on your lead generation?

What is sales acceleration? We often get asked this question, so we’ve written a white paper on the major aspects of accelerating a sale. Almost everyone knows about lead generation - those important customer contacts you gain in the early stages of selling.

After lead generation comes the lead nurturing phase, where your client or customer is almost ready to buy - but they need that extra push. That’s where sales acceleration comes in. Sales acceleration is all about capitalising on your lead generation and increasing your lead effectiveness, by dramatically improving your approach to warm leads during this in-between phase.

Too often businesses will focus fervently on lead generation, only to lose momentum during the lead nurturing process. The lead you’ve worked so hard for becomes lost or ineffective. Lead generation is critical for effective B2B sales, but we must never view lead generation in a vacuum.

So it’s clear that we need sales acceleration to enhance lead effectiveness, but how does it work? What steps can you take to drive sales acceleration, and capitalise successfully on the leads you are generating? More and more businesses are turning to unique tools specifically created to boost sales acceleration - like Qotient.

Qotient is a unique cloud-based tool designed to drive sales acceleration. It codifies and documents best sales practices, then helps your team to hone these techniques, even aiding them in real time while they’re face-to-face with customers.

How does Qotient drive sales acceleration throughout your team? Some of the ways Qotient can help include driving outcomes, encouraging the repetition of successful sales processes, and scaling the success of your sales superstars.

Sales acceleration by repeating processes

At Qotient we know that people learn through practice and repetition. By having a defined, repeatable sales process we can help ensure success across your whole sales team.

Everyone will understand the best way to sell, and the whole team’s sales conversations will become more intelligent, streamlined and consistent.

It’s all about clarity - knowing the best formula, and repeating it until you succeed.

Sales acceleration by driving outcomes

What is this meeting about? What are you trying to achieve? These are simple questions but they often get lost in the sales process, especially when your salesperson is face-to-face with a client.

Every time a customer has a meeting with your salesperson, there should be a clearly defined focus. Qotient helps to pinpoint the outcomes you should be striving for, every step of the way. This in turn helps to speed up the sell-cycle.

Sales acceleration by scaling successes

Think about your star sales performer. That one person who always smashes their targets, and achieves results beyond the rest of the team. How do they do it? How can their success be harnessed for the greater good of the whole sales force?

Don’t simply praise and idolise your top sales performers. Learn from them! Qotient shows you how to scale the successes of your star performers. We take their proven formula and help to utilise it throughout the whole team. Your star performers are not superhuman, so there’s no reason their techniques can’t be scaled and harnessed.

These are just a few of the ways in which Qotient drives sales acceleration, and how sales acceleration can make the most of your hard-fought lead generation! Qotient’s sales acceleration combined with effective lead generation will give your B2B sales the boost it needs.

For the full Sales Acceleration picture download our new white paper here.