Introducing Danny - The Sales Platform Guru


It is about time I introduce Danny to the World!

Danny is our new Customer Success Director (USA) and he will be helping us ensure our customers and users leverage maximum benefit from the Qotient platform.

Being a very experienced Sales Operations and Customer Success leader, Danny has many years of experience rolling out large enterprise CRM implementations for global entities. He has worked with sales execs to help make their enterprise sales teams more productive and effective but most importantly of all, he knows how to drive user adoption across a range of sales platforms and now Qotient. 

We will be getting Danny to share some of his insights, experience and tips/tricks on LinkedIn with all of you in the weeks ahead about these sorts of things...

How to deploy and implement a sales acceleration platform like Qotient successfully
How to drive adoption and which adoption statistics to pay attention to
What is the trough of disillusionment in the world of CRM and how to overcome it
How to interpret certain metrics and telemetry provided by Qotient

Welcome to the team Danny. We are excited to have you join the ever expanding Qotient team and we look forward to your contributions on these topics for our followers and user community in the weeks ahead.