Sales Enablement


It can take months to onboard a new sales team member effectively and as your team grows, it becomes difficult to provide consistent sales messaging and track performance.

Qotient provides your Sales teams with tools that helps ramp up your sales force quickly and efficiently. Get insight into what sales conversations your team is using, and which conversations/insights are working so you can duplicate and scale your success.

Start Selling faster & better

[[Qotient delivers a catalog of sales stories, key marketing messages, and insight to your sales team, with enough personalization to ensure they can make the platform work for them.]] - Why Qotient for Sales?


On average 85% of a sales team's revenue is delivered by 15% of the sales team

Qotient enables sales teams to:

  • Get new starters out of the office selling asap.
  • Clone the conversations from the top sales persons to improve the entire team's performance.
  • Track performance in real time, allowing you to insert yourself into the conversation at the right moment to close the deal.

Digitize Sales Enablement


Q Cards that are designed to deliver the necessary and important information to the sales person, exactly when they need it.  They include key aspects, key sales questions, key insights, supporting materials, and special promotions.

Qcards ensure brevity and Conciseness which assists with sales impact, learning process, and adoption. Sales teams are able to give feedback to which cards are working so you can adjust or investigate trends that develop.

Measure and Gain Insight


Qotient analytics and reporting helps you see which propositions are being engaged with, who the sales team are engaging with and what they are talking about.

Analytics allow you to see which insights are causing the most positive disruption and which teams are generating the most activity and opportunity in real-time.  This allows managers to easily decide where to invest in further sales enablement or not.

conversational crm that helps you close the sale 

You can't rely on just a CRM pipeline if your sales teams are not inputting leads into the system.   [[The Qotient sales workspace/track is integrated with your CRM and  monitors and tracks performance in real time so you won't miss opportunities or leads.  Sales and channel managers can then insert themselves into opportunities to help support and ultimately close the deal.]]

Getting your sales team to adopt the platform is an art form. Let us explain how to roll this out to your sales teams and help them all have the same conversation your best rep is having whilst measuring and tracking your progress in real time. 

Learn more on sales platform adoption on our Qblog

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