Drive Better Results with Better Sales Conversations

Qotient provides the guidance and insights your salespeople need to succeed in the field, the real-time analytics you need to optimize your team’s sales activity and demonstrate the effort and outcomes you are generating for your Vendors.

Experience the evolution of Vendor enablement

Discover a more efficient and rewarding way to enable your sales team to engage in better sales conversations that grow existing accounts and drive pipeline growth for your business.

The challenges of a Value Added Reseller

Sales Leaders are under immense pressure to manage and optimize their sales teams while delivering results and achieving ever-growing revenue targets.

Your company has established strategic relationships with the Vendors that best support your customers’ business requirements. You have invested time in Vendor enablement for your sales team, but it takes them out of the field. And Vendor enablement doesn’t provide what is necessary to execute a sales conversation in the field. You don’t know the sales conversations that are working across the Partner Network. You have deployed your sales team to the field, but they aren’t generating the pipeline and revenue you expect, and you have no way to demonstrate to the Vendor the effort and outcomes you are generating.

Is your sales team ready to level up?

Vendors use Qotient to give you and your sales team access to the framework, guidance, and insights your team needs to execute better sales conversations.

Using Qotient during your team’s sales conversations enables you to achieve the outcomes that drive pipeline and revenue. Equipped with the right questions, powerful insights, and relevant supporting materials, your salespeople can easily capture feedback and generate follow-ups from their sales conversations.

Qotient gives you and your team the confidence they need to generate more pipeline faster. Through Vendor-sponsored campaigns (Qotient Games), your team executes sales conversations that generate the recognition and rewards that keep them motivated. You and the Vendor gain access to real-time analytics that gives you full visibility into your team's sales activity and the capability to get the Vendor support you need to succeed.

The next-level in sales success

Access the next-level in sales success with a digital platform built specifically to address the challenges of selling through the channel.


Get Better
Sales Performance

With a championship-grade digital framework that enables more effective sales conversations and recognizes true achievement within your team.


Get Better

With a platform that gives you game-changing insight into the execution and outcome of sales conversations in real-time.


Deliver Better
Reward Programs

With a system that powerfully gamifies your sales process, empowering and rewarding your impact players.

The tool is amazing. A beginner to the world of sales could use this tool with little to no talent and be successful. Everything needed to pitch the product is right there in the talk track, so the tool literally does everything!
Kevin Rosado, Howard Telecom
It’s an easy transition to get our new hires more comfortable on the phones as they have that visual to actually work with. The team loved that there were so many script options for them and the fact that they could compete for prizes.
Michelle Pryzbek, Carousel
Fantastic tool. It allows you to stay on track with your thoughts as the conversation develops. I would say it has allowed for a better first call - no doubt.
Craig Forrester, Step CG
Having the talk tracks to qualify potential customers really does help in so many aspects. It helps identify those opportunities and identify what the customer actually wants to achieve.
Adam Meadows, Sharp


Are you ready to level-up?

Improve your visibility into pipeline and revenue by empowering impact players in your Channel with the framework, Talk Tracks and feedback necessary to level-up.

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