Qotient Business for Sales Managers

Qotient helps Sales Managers:

1.       Get new starters out the office having the same effective conversations the top sales person is having in weeks.

2.       Get insight into which sales conversations their team are using, are they having sales conversations aligned to the sales process and which conversations/insights are working

3.       Ensure the sales team have a sales conversation workspace that is integrated with CRM to ensure they keep CRM updated in real-time

4.       Clone the conversations the top sales person is having and get them into the hands of the average performers in a simple and effective way.

Getting your sales team to adopt the platform is an art form. Let us explain how to roll this out to your sales teams and help them all have the same conversation your best rep is having whilst measuring and tracking your progress in real time. 


Qotient Channel for Vendors

Managing partners to sell your solutions, products and services is hard because it takes time to get them enabled, it requires investment and ongoing management.

If you are a technology vendor for example and you struggle to capture channel mindshare and get your channel out having your conversations in an effective and timely fashion, Qotient can help. If you continue to invest in the enablement of your partners, yet you struggle to get real-time insight into leading sales indicators such as:

1.       Who did your channel partner have your conversation with?

2.       What did they talk about?

3.       What outcome did they achieve?

Read some of our BLOGS and Whitepapers on this topic in our QBLOG


Qotient Campaign for Marketers and Marketing Agencies

If you oversee digital marketing and sales campaign themes/creation and understand the importance of extending these campaigns from marketing automation platforms like PARDOT / MARKETO / HUBSPOT out into the sales channel in a simple and effective way with the right corresponding sales conversations, Qotient can help.

1.       Get sales teams out having the sales conversations linked to your digital marketing efforts

2.       Ensure sales people have the right conversation with the lead you created

3.       Measure the end to end ROI of your marketing efforts

4.       Track which messages are working at the cold face – the prospect meeting