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Qotient makes it easy for your partners to sell

Managing partners to sell your solutions, products and services can be difficult because it takes time to get them enabled and requires investment and ongoing management.

If you are a technology vendor or [[  insert another type of client  ]], Qotient provides a suite of tools that  makes it easy for your Channel VPs to manage your partners and get real-time insight into leading sales indicators.

Immediate analytics and Insight

Qotient provides your Channel Managers immediate analytics and insight on where your channel partners are in their conversations with customers.  Gain insight on who your partners are speaking to, what kinds of conversations are happening and what outcomes are achieved.

[[  Understanding where you are ......   allows you to join the conversation "Just in Time".   With Qotient, you'll have more "Just in Time" moments.

Qotient provides a digital channel for you to join those conversation in real-time.  ]]

Over 75% of vendors do not have a way to measure their ROI on channel enablement

Qotient enables Channel VPs to know:

  • Who Channel Partners are having conversations with
  • What Channel Partners are talking about
  • What outcome was acheived with the prospects

Get insight into which sales conversations are working and improve conversions across all your Channel Partners

New and existing partner management

Qotient provides you with tools to ramp up new partners and gets them out talking about your products and services as quickly as possible. 

[[  Useful Feature for Partner Management 1  ]]

[[ Useful Feature for Partner Management 2  ]]

[[  Useful Feature for Partner Management 3  ]]

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