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Qotient makes it easy to deliver the right message

If you oversee digital marketing and sales campaigns, Qotient helps get the right conversations into the sales channel that are actually used and enables your marketing team to get feedback on what messages and talking points are actually resonating.

Qotient campaigns

Qotient Campaigns provides a digital channel through which your marketing team can communicate, enable and educate your sales channels.

Oftentimes your marketing content is created and left unused.  Qotient campaigns helps get conversations into your sales channels and organizes your marketing materials such as -  questions, talking points, insights, case studies and anecdotes.   This enables your sales team to insert the right message at the right time.

Qotient also enables real time delivery of your marketing messages and initiatives allowing channels to continually improve sales effectiveness.

Over 80% of a Sales Collateral created is never used

Qotient Campaigns for Marketers enables you to:

  • Ensure sales people have the right conversation with the lead you created
  • Track which messages are working at the cold face – the prospect meeting
  • Measure the end to end ROI of your marketing efforts

Tracking and measuring the impact of conversations will help improve lead generation and campaign effectiveness

Engage Leads in the right way

Lead nurturing can be frustrating when a prospective customer is given inconsistent information during the sales conversation.  

Qotient can help prevent a prospect or lead from being given a disconnected message and helps close the loop with sales. 

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Scale your sales success across teams

Qotient streamlines the sales channels and helps your Marketing Managers collaborate with your entire team.  Learn how Qotient helps foster collaboration with Channel Sales and Sales Teams